Clay found on Manitoulin Island drying in the sun

Clay found on Manitoulin Island drying in the sun

Working Body: A Clay Catalog is a catalog of wild clay collected from across Canada. The clay is processed and tested to understand its properties as a workable clay body. The objects created through this process, both sculptural and useful at once, represent the stories of rocks and rivers, how they vary and come together, and how they are represented through the matter they leave behind. 

 This project is currently in progress and is made possible due to the mentorship provided by ceramicist Marc Egan and through the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council.

 The next stage of this project is to put the Clay Catalog online. This will hopefully serve as a resource for other ceramicists and the public. Ideally, the catalog will grow beyond this project through my own future clay testing and that of others.

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Feu Souris

An alternative wood kiln designed, built, and fired at the Common Opulence Artist Residency in Demmitt, Alberta. In adhering to our goal of creating art using ad hoc materials and traditional practices, Feu Souris is made entirely of found, foraged, and salvage materials from the Peace River Country.

Photo credit: Grace Boyd

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Common Opulence

Common Opulence is a one month artist residency hosted by artist Peter von Tiesenhausen in Demmitt, Alberta. As an artist in residence in 2016 I learned timber framing techniques and participated in building a timber framed bake house, a wooden foot bridge, and an alternative wood fire kiln.